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"Successful landscapes are created and maintained through open communication, careful planning and a skilled balance of science and art!"
Personal Gardening

What is Personal Gardening

Many companies do not properly train their employees or enforce the use of proper techniques. This often results in your landscape underperforming or looking overgrown between maintenance visits. If you allow things to become overgrown it only makes each visit take longer and cost more. Even getting the help to show up at the right time and do exactly what you want can seem like a never ending battle.

With the Personal Gardening Program, my assistants and I act as your personal gardeners. We routinely monitor your gardens and update you to plans and progress along the way. This means weeds are removed while they are small, (before they become unsightly) and things are pruned before they become overgrown.

The first step is to meet at your home to determine your specific maintenance needs. I can then create a custom bundle of services for you. The maintenance services that may be included are as follows:
  • Pruning: shrubs, vines & ornamental trees
  • Weeding: landscape beds
  • Dead-heading: annuals, perennials, & shrubs
  • Edging & Mulching: landscape beds
  • Fertilizing: shrubs, vines & ornamental trees
  • Leaf Removal: from landscape beds in fall and/or spring
  • Pest scouting
  • Cutting Back: grasses & perennials
  • Thinning: spreading plant material as needed

Once you determine the specific tasks to be included, a 12 month agreement is signed by both parties. Then you can rest assured your landscape tasks will be completed in a timely manner (no reminders needed!).

Benefits of the Personal Gardening Program

The Personal Gardening Program is designed to give better results while reducing your costs and stress. Customers who include pruning and weeding in their service bundle receive the following:

  1. Project Priority

    1. As an member of the Personal Gardening Program your project needs receive priority over new customers and existing customers who have not signed up for this program. Your advanced commitment allows me to create a plan and schedule ahead of time to provide better and timelier service. This results in a superior level of maintenance with out the headache.

  2. Member Savings

    1. Members of the Personal Gardening Program can expect to pay less over the course of the year (compared to those who hire us on a seasonal basis). Advanced planning allows us to work more efficiently and stay ahead of things. Because we tend to make more frequent (but less lengthy site visits) we can accomplish a greater level of manicure in less time overall. All this adds up to a better looking garden at a greater savings to you!

  3. Budget Planning

    1. Members of the Personal Gardening Program are able to break up payments in a way that is easier to budget. You can choose to break up the total price between 12 or 4 even payments. Knowing the total cost ahead of time and breaking it up over the entire year makes things easier on your monthly budget.

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